Redemption Fitness STL To Release New Online Fitness and Nutrition App

Building Your Legacy Just Got Easier……. Now You Truly Have ….NO EXCUSES!!!

We are excited to announced today the release of our new Fitness and Nutrition App.

The new mobile “Redemption Fitness STL” app is a personal trainer in your pocket at all times. Get fit and healthy with your handpicked Redemption Fitness STL Certified Personal Trainer. We build a program tailored to your specific goals. You always have your coach and program in your pocket via your iPhone or Android. Track your workouts, ask your coach for help and get continuous coaching and motivation through instant messaging. Talk about accountability, the nutrition package takes it to a whole of monitoring and accountability.

“We wanted 24/7 accountability for our Redemption Fitness STL clients, we know how to motivate them inside the gym walls but what happens the other 23 hours a day? Fitness goals simply cannot be achieved without accountability,” And that is exactly what Redemption Fitness STL’s app does says owner, Mandy Lehnbeuter.

We have designed a simple and useful method for the RFSTL Nutritional Plans. The Nutrition plan is easy to follow with specially created Meal Plans, Shopping Lists and even a barcode tracker for those items “off” the suggested meal plan. So not only is the nutritional app essential in maintaining accountability with your meal/beverage intake that comes coming directly back to RFSTL, but you will learn and be properly educated in proper portion control and a healthier lifestyle.

The Redemption Fitness STL App consists of customized workouts that we have created and done personally, along with leading our current RFSTL cliental to conquer each workout delegated to them each session. Tracking each client’s progress and showing that as positive motivation is a valid source to show proof and market our philosophy and our RFSTL Craft is not only effective, but proven, challenging and rewarding for all.

“The best part of the app….with every workout completed, every questioned asked, every food logged the trainers at Redemption Fitness STL receive an instant message on the app." says owner, Mandy Lehnbeuter.

We pride ourselves on changing lives of each and every client. Providing strict accountability, motivation and the will to achieve their “Redemption.”

For more information on the Redemption Fitness STL’s online training and nutrition app feel free to stop in the facility located minutes off of Highway 70 at Fifth Street in St. Charles, Missouri, call at: (636)577-5160, email Redemption Fitness STL at or message us on Facebook @RedemptionFitnessSTL.

Redemption Fitness STL 1024 South Benton Ave St Charles, MO 63301

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