The Top 5 Reasons Why You Too Should Be Logging Your Workouts

If you’re not already logging your workouts, where have you been?

With Redemption Fitness STL's app you have the ability to log workouts in their entirety, covering the reps performed, weight lifted and more. One of the key benefits to logging your workouts is the ability to track your progress over time, ensuring that you are applying progressive overload, as well as spotting any weak points if any.

Greater Results

Here’s why we think logging everything you do will lead to greater results.

It’s not uncommon to see people walking around the gym, logging their workout on their phone/tablet, keeping track of their exact workout including details such as their feelings that day, the amount of weight lifted and even time of the day. To you, this seems odd and a waste of time, but to us, these people are on the path to greater success, not only because they know what it is they have just completed, but because they now have logged proof which they can recall upon further down the line to track progression.


With Redemption Fitness STL's app, every logged session is automatically uploaded and fed directly to your trainer's app, allowing your personal trainer to keep track of the clients every move. This is a huge accountability factor.

See your Accomplishments

Keeping a log can make or break your training progress, I have personally logged all workouts for over a year now and can always look back on previous workouts and see the jump in weight performed on certain exercises or even double check the weight/rep range used in my previous week for certain exercises to ensure I am always implementing progressive overload.

Training for Consistency

Maybe you feel like logging your workouts isn’t for you and you remember your previous weeks of training just fine, but have you thought about when you’re not feeling 100% or your progress plateaus but you just can’t pin point why? This is where your log can come in handy! You can look back through the weeks from the results tracker to spot any possible irregularities! This is even more helpful if you are logging workouts consistently.

To summarize....the WHY?

Progress Tracking Great Accountability Ability To Look at Past Sessions When you Feel Yourself Plateauing Tracking How Your Mood Affects Your Workouts Consistency

Give it a try - YOU will see for yourself!

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