Redemption Fitness STL Boxing Training is geared for private one on one or group training. Learn the proper ways to coordinate punches, throw effective combinations, learn different types of defensive guards, how to counter, proper offensive and defensive positions, foot work, while building speed and power. Focus Mitt Training, Multiple size heavy bags to accommodate everyone's weight class, speed bag training for agility, speed and hand-eye coordination. Sparring available after proper training and technique is established.

Private, Personal Training

Redemption Fitness STL Private Personal Training is just as is reads....PRIVATE...PERSONAL...

It's just you and your trainer...Nobody else. No Mirrors, No distractions, no other members using the equipment. For that 60 minute session, It's all about you. Private Personal Training is what so many crave because most of us can't or won't work out with others around for the fear of being judged, hindered or let's just face it. PRIDEFUL. So now you have the opportunity to come in and let it all out without that fear or harbor someone is watching you.. And even so...Who Cares. It's all about YOU. Build your confidence, strength, ability, endurance up with Private Personal Training so that you CAN step out Publicly without any fear of the Naysayers.

Boot Camp Classes


Redemption Fitness STL Boot Camp is by far the most intense, most challenging, most rewarding 60 minutes you can put your all in to. This is a class geared for the Supreme. All physiques welcomed and encouraged. Whether your a steady RFSTL Boot Camp Warrior or coming in for the very first time, it doesn't matter.


If you have conditions or there are certain routines throughout you can not do, we will transition you into a similar challenging movement you can still obtain great success with.


Classes consist of: HIIT Training/Tabata Training, Resistance Training, Kettle Bell Training, CrossFIT Circuits, Plyometrics, Calisthentics, Strength and Speed, Core Strength Training.

Bottom Line-You want to get into shape, you're looking for a challenging class that will make you sweat and burn fat... Look no further, you found it at RFSTL Boot Camp. 


Redemption Fitness STL Youth Strength, Speed and Agility Class is especially tailored to youth’s ages; each session/course is 8 weeks long. Players will learn how compete at a high caliper level peaking endurance and ability at the Max. From Plyometric, Calisthenics, Total Body HIIT Training, Youth Power Strength & Conditioning and Resistance Training, each student will become elite in all levels and build more than strength, power, endurance, and stamina but will build a new level of Confidence and Respect for themselves and others.
      At RFSTL Youth S, S, A Class, your youth athlete will be trained on the proper way to increase speed, agility, strength, and endurance by using functional training techniques along with coaching proper mechanics. The purpose of this training is to help athletes transfer what they have learned and developed from the gym to the playing field. These classes are recommended for athletes in sports such as baseball, softball, football, basketball, swimming, wrestling, volleyball, track, tennis, golf, soccer, martial arts, boxing, cheerleading and any other sport that requires speed, strength and coordination.
     This is a specific class especially tailored as a combo class of both Strength, Speed and Agility Training and Core Strengthening... Each class will run 1.5 hours. It is a physical class designed to get players in shape by the start of their next sports seasons.
     RFSTL Youth S, S, A Classes are intended for any athlete between the ages of 5 to 14, your Youth Athlete must be committed to improving their current athletic skills with a willingness to work at a high level of intensity. These classes will require maximum effort and commitment.

Youth Private Training or small group training available as well .....

Youth Training

Onsite training available for your employees.....we make it easy we come to your place....

As a highly sought after on-site Corporate Fitness provider, Redemption Fitness STL brings a fresh, fun, intense, energetic perspective and not to mention brings a spirit of camaraderie within your company. Our programs are proven to bring a new level of excitement, fun and fellowship into your work environment. A new fun level of competitiveness and a team push to keep each other accountable. 

For more information on Corporate Training, Contact us today! 

Corporate Training


5:00am- 9:00pm


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