About Us

At Redemption Fitness STL,  you will get an instant comfort feeling as you walk in for the first time. At Redemption Fitness STL, you are provided an ease, a peace, a humbled sense of dedication from just knowing that we are here for you and want to see everyone succeed and break the barrier that has/had yourself contain and confined to eating habits, lifestyle, lack of motivation, and so on.....

The daily norm of which we call the “Sedentary Curse” can be lifted, can be shattered, you can defeat these adversities that face you front on.  All you have to do is go “ALL IN” and stand up and take a stand for your Body, Mind, Heart, your Overall Health and Magnify Yourself!!! Give your body what it wants, what it deserves, what it was meant for, "Physical Fitness" and with that effort and desire you CAN become a SUCCESS, creating your personal Testimony, becoming your own Legacy.


 We all want to redeem ourselves and make a positive change in our life but find the “EXCUSES” Not to do so. STOP!!! Make TODAY the day the excuses STOP and your Redemption begins.  We are here all the way through with you. FOCUS FORWARD...FOCUS ON YOU!!!


Call to schedule Classes, Group Training or Private Personal Training with our staff today, (636) 577-5160!